Onsite and mobile WiFi / 4G / 5G
for hotels and restaurants


Wi-Fi & 4G/5G Onsite and in Mobility

The increased development of wireless networking and connection solutions is essential in the face of rapidly changing customer behaviour in hotels and restaurants. Any type of establishment in the hospitality sector must now offer optimal connectivity solutions for the comfort of customers, and more broadly tools related to the multimedia domain and connected objects. Between Wi-Fi, video content or connected TV, equip your hotel or restaurant with the best technology for your customers.

Exhibitors specialising in WiFi / 4G / 5G

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Onsite and mobile WiFi / 4G / 5G for hotels and restaurants

Optimal Wi-Fi for your hotel and restaurant

The first of the services that must be provided perfectly is to offer the guests of a hotel, but also of a restaurant, a good quality, stable Wi-Fi connection with sufficient power for simultaneous use. The main telecom operators offer efficient Wi-Fi connection solutions, as well as hot spot services for example. There are various tools related to connectivity, by fibre optic, 4G or Wi-Fi, which will be adapted to the specificities of each establishment, and designed to meet the requirements of customers and their new behaviours in terms of connection consumption, particularly via smartphone. Specific tools also offer the connection of a hotel to a datacenter without using a server, and without any work in the establishment.

Additional communication and connection services

These network and telecoms companies, whether large corporations or start-ups, are also developing ancillary and additional services to the provision of Wi-Fi. They allow you to increase the quality of service to your customers and to increase your margin. For example, this involves selling customers temporary SIM card offers, for example, for increased use of smartphones. Operators also offer connectivity-related mailing offers, or personalised greetings for customers' Wi-Fi.

Discover innovative telephony solutions for RHCs

Aside from Wi-Fi, tech companies are developing innovative communication solutions, particularly in telephony. These include VoIP telephony, via the cloud, for your employees and teams, which can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend. These offers are offered as a subscription with no investment, and they guarantee a high level of security. Telephony can also be aimed at the clientele of an establishment, via specific offers from operators for the stay of clients abroad in particular, to allow them to use their smartphone as they wish without data limits.

Audio and multimedia interfaces in the room

There is no shortage of innovations to improve the comfort and service of your guests when it comes to connectivity and multimedia. There are connected AV solutions that include interactive TV services, such as Chromecast, and can include the promotion of hotel services via an interactive in-house channel. Digital signage options can also be implemented, as can unlimited cinema platforms, offering new films on a regular basis, using innovative technology and without the need for wiring. Tech companies have also developed a system of boxes plugged into each TV, displaying available TV channels, or a multimedia services portal, interwoven with Chromecast functionality and Wi-Fi hotspots.

To equip your establishment and your rooms with the perfect Wi-Fi solution, with quality and fully secure connectivity, come to the Food Hotel Tech show to meet the tech companies. You will discover the most innovative solutions in terms of Wi-Fi, 4G and multimedia tools for in-room TV for example, or telephony and movies on demand services.

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