Mobile App and Website Design


A website and mobile application optimised for the hotel and restaurant industry

With the evolution of customer behaviour, both in the booking process, as well as in the search for information and comparison of offers, it is imperative for hotels and restaurants to have the best digital tools. It is now essential to have a professional and ergonomic online storefront that reflects the image of your establishment. It is equally important to offer convenient digital services for your potential customers, for ease of booking or requesting information, but also billing, via mobile applications and an optimised website.

Exhibitors specialising in Mobile App and Website Design

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Website & Mobile Application Design for Hotels & Restaurants

The specificity of the online hotel and restaurant sector

The value of using innovative companies specialising in the hotel and restaurant sector is paramount when it comes to your online services. Indeed, the requirements of the customers will require a particular ergonomics, a precise reflection in the architecture of an Internet site, as well as an organization of the contents, texts, images or videos, completely specific. The online presence and digital strategy of a restaurant or a hotel are indeed not the same as for a clothing shop or a food business.

An optimised website for your hotel or restaurant

Website design agencies specialising in this sector are familiar with the latest innovations in web browsing or highlighting your services. The website of an independent hotel must nowadays meet precise criteria, which include, for example, price comparisons, as well as customer testimonials, an essential element of any reservation. It also means managing reservations via the PMS (Property Management System), but also implementing a good web marketing strategy, which includes online advertising. By choosing digital agencies at the forefront of innovation, your site will benefit from the best current tools, optimising the customer journey and the taking of reservations.

Value your establishment online

Content is a key element of your website, which today means showcasing your images and videos, both of the rooms and suites for a hotel and the interior and ambience of a restaurant. Tech companies with sector-specific offerings are used to enhancing your establishment with modules and tools that make intelligent use of your content. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is also a question of enhancing the customer experience of a night in a hotel or a good meal, by highlighting reviews and comments, optimally placed on your site. The notion of E-reputation is indeed a central point for any online establishment today.

Mobile apps for hotels and restaurants

Digital agencies are also offering new services for hotels and restaurants, with the mobile application, which complements a website. At a time when the majority of online searches are now done on smartphones, the application is a great opportunity to capture customers and give an innovative image of an establishment. Apps will offer what a website offers in a more simple and ergonomic way, offering very interesting conversion rates. In a few seconds, on a smartphone, the potential customer will have access to the best offers, nightly rates, customer reviews, or a secure and convenient booking and payment system.

Tools to improve your online presence

This online presence, via a website or app, is not a detail for a hotel or restaurant. It is both a necessity and an opportunity to maximise bookings, develop new conversion channels, and improve the customer experience. The services offered by these digital agencies go beyond the simple creation of a website, to include the creation of additional content, the referencing of the establishment online, the management of social networks and the development of an adapted digital marketing strategy. It is all of these tools that will complement your website and increase bookings.

Come and discover a whole range of solutions offered by these tech companies, specialised in your sector, at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition. Whether it's the creation of a website or an application, or more specifically improving an online presence or a poorly optimised showcase site, these digital agencies will be able to inform you directly on the best practices to put in place for your hotel or restaurant.

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