New Payment Systems for hotels and restaurants


Payment systems and contactless payment: the latest innovations at your service

Because the core of your business is a busy passion, you have little time. The financial aspect, crucial for your company, is a headache for you. What about payment methods? Experts have looked into this issue! And the result is innovations in the field of payment systems, innovative solutions for contactless payment, which is very much in demand today for the Covid-19 health protocol and which will make your life extremely simple, with the second effect of being able to significantly boost your sales!

Exhibitors specialising in Payment Systems

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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New Payment Systems: why? For whom?

Your problem: simplify and organise your payment systems

Hotels and restaurants are sectors that require reliable and secure payment systems, but also extremely flexible. The more payment solutions you can offer your customers, the easier it will be for them to book with you and pay for their order. Remote payment and contactless payment are becoming indispensable.
Moreover, remote payment is also becoming increasingly important. The new challenge for you is therefore to offer your prospects a user-friendly, responsive and high-performance interface to encourage them to make the purchase with ease.

What solutions to simplify payment systems at exhibitors in 2021?

As the Food Hotel Tech show, a restaurant and hotel trade show, is dedicated exclusively to technological and digital innovations for the hotel and restaurant industry, you will find future-oriented solutions for your establishments. The exhibitors you will meet know the latest issues you are facing. Their goal: To bring you a solution.

Restaurants, hotels: the flexibility of multiple payments

Who has never encountered the case of a table of 25 guests paying individually? And the headache at the checkout, with some services not paid for, the customer already out? In response to this, you can use a device that allows you to simplify payments to several and even, on different services.

E-payment and m-payment systems

Can you still do without remote payment, or contactless payment, via a computer or smartphone? If you don't want to lose any customers, it is essential that you offer these payment solutions. And this is even more true since the beginning of the health crisis, as contactless payment is a real help to the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol. It is therefore up to you to offer the simplest possible means of payment. With a maximum of possibilities. For example, you can offer payment by instalment, deferred payment...

Designed, user-friendly apps for a positive customer experience

But beyond the need to be able to offer this service, it is important to offer a responsive solution. Nothing is worse for the customer than struggling on his smartphone with a non adapted interface. Because improving the consumer experience is paramount, the quality of the online applications has been worked on carefully.
Customers are increasingly demanding. When they reach the stage of paying for a service online, it has to be simple and intuitive. The experts you will meet have worked on state-of-the-art projects to solve this concern once and for all.

Payment systems that don't just collect, but deliver stats!"

Having a powerful and ultra-flexible payment system is a good thing and will make your life easier. But if it also offers you reporting tools, that's perfect!
Being able to process, or have processed by a third party, the data collected by your tool in order to carry out evaluations is a totally essential aspect for all your marketing and promotional actions. You will discover the latest tools in this field, so that the data collected is optimised and put to good use for your company.

FHT is a trade show dedicated to the digitalisation of your establishments in the field of regulation and much more!

You will discover offers allowing you to harmoniously reconcile in-premises and online payment, in a fluid and efficient manner. You will be able to talk to the exhibitors to obtain a personalised offer adapted to your establishment. You will be surprised by everything that has been designed to make your life easier!

Find all the technological & digital innovations at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition!

Next Paris edition on June 7-8, 2022