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Boost your online bookings

The potential offered by online bookings has been disrupting the traditional sales operation for hotels and restaurants for several years. Innovative tech companies have developed numerous digital solutions to automate this strategic aspect, but also to increase these reservations and additional sales through relevant methods and personalized communication systems. Between making reservations easier to manage, and using tools to boost your revenue, online reservation software is a great opportunity to gain profitability and grow your business easily.

Exhibitors specialising in Online Reservation

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Online booking for the hospitality industry

The importance of online booking software

The implementation of functional and ergonomic online reservation systems guarantees a significant increase in turnover for restaurants and hotels. Customers are now used to smooth and secure interfaces, and booking behaviour has been revolutionised over the last few years by the ubiquity of digital technology. Among the solutions offered by tech companies are various types of online booking software that can be easily and quickly integrated into your website. With their adapted interface, they are easily used by customers for fast and secure bookings. These tools incorporate useful options, such as rate comparisons based on hotel nights, or the ability to easily select additional options.

Innovative services for your reservations

Innovative features offered by the latest online booking solutions include, for example, the possibility of integrating virtual tours, customising offers according to the customer, or offering live chat. This online messaging increases sales and conversions by automatically answering potential customers' questions in a fun and fast way. This type of tool can be combined with the presence of reservation agents available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. These innovative services, like the chatbot, are great opportunities to convert visitors into customers, at a lower cost.

The issue of online payment for RHC

The field of online reservations for hotels and restaurants also naturally encompasses the issue of online payment, which must be reassuring, totally secure and fluid for the potential customer. A number of solutions are available to easily integrate online payment systems adapted to the hotel and restaurant industry, with ergonomic and practical interfaces for customers. For example, some software allows for secure deposit taking or pre-booking, with the aim of avoiding cancelled bookings on your site and no-shows.

Global management systems

The tools offered by start-ups in the world of hospitality in the field of online reservations or payment are also accessible via global management interfaces for your establishment. Software is developed to manage your entire business, such as planning and pricing, but also innovative payment solutions such as SMS, options for diversifying direct sales and centralising reservations. Tools accessible to both restaurant owners and hoteliers are specialised in centralising all online reservation platforms in a single interface, by telephone, by e-mail, by website or by partner platforms, to facilitate and optimise the management of these reservations. For restaurants, these tools can integrate, in addition to online reservations, applications for managing remote orders or the delivery fleet. Finally, these global solutions can also include tools for collecting and valuing customer reviews and recommendations, integrated on the reservation pages for example.

In order to equip your establishment with the most innovative tools in terms of online booking, come and meet the tech companies present at the Food Hotel Tech show. You will be able to discover these solutions adapted to the hotel and restaurant industry, to integrate relevant reservation interfaces on your website, and thus boost your business with ease.

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