Talent Acquisition for hotels and restaurants


Innovative recruitment solutions for the hotel and restaurant industry

The specificities of the hotel and restaurant sector in terms of HR require adapted solutions. Indeed, restaurant and hotel owners are confronted with particular problems, such as significant staff turnover, occasional or seasonal labour needs, or a requirement in terms of service and availability. Innovative solutions are now available to these professionals, in order to offer them simpler, more adapted and faster recruitment processes. Digital thus represents a tremendous opportunity in terms of saving time and optimising recruitment for the hospitality industry.

Exhibitors specialising in Talent Acquisition

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Recruitment for the hospitality industry

Recruitment in the restaurant industry via social networks

In recent years, recruitment channels in the restaurant or hotel sector have gradually evolved, following the digital practices of most companies. Recruiting via professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, using the features of communities or groups, makes it possible to break free from traditional constraints. It's quick and easy to receive targeted applications for jobs posted online, with the advantage of being able to analyse experience and profiles quickly.

Specialised RHC recruitment platforms

Following the same logic, sector-specific platforms have emerged, with job offers dedicated solely to the restaurant industry, for example, which offer a convenient first filter for professionals. By bringing together thousands of qualified profiles, these platforms facilitate the work of recruiters in the hospitality sector.

Easy recruitment with innovative apps

The tech field has gradually developed digital tools specific to the hotel and restaurant sector, now offering quite innovative applications. It is thus possible to find qualified labour in one's profession in a few clicks, by putting extras and companies in touch with each other. Finding a chef de partie, a waiter, or a barista on a freelance basis is now possible, fast and easy.

Optimise HR management

Several innovative solutions now make it possible to optimise all the HR of your restaurant or hotel, both from an administrative point of view, with the electronic signing of contracts, and from an operational point of view, with smoother communication within the teams. Recruitment is facilitated by databases of thousands of profiles, making it possible to find a team member to replace, for example, in one click. It also saves time in managing teams and organising schedules.

Recruit your extras and short contracts without losing time

Restaurant and hotel professionals can rely on matchmaking platforms to find an extra at a moment's notice, but also to reinforce their brigade on a one-off or seasonal basis. Innovative applications specialise in short and medium-term contracts, bringing together thousands of profiles classified by profession or experience, saving precious time compared to traditional recruitment. These digital solutions are based on matching algorithms, and offer a simplified legal framework, as well as social security coverage for recruits.

Look at recruitment in an innovative way with tech

Generally speaking, tech allows restaurant and hotel owners to take their recruitment process to the next level in terms of efficiency and optimisation, with offers adapted to the specificities of the sector. The health crisis and its consequences have highlighted the need for digital transformation of companies in the hospitality sector, particularly through the dematerialisation of various operations. Recruitment is one of the areas concerned, and the move to digital comes with significant advantages for professionals, with practical solutions that offer definite time savings.

The Food Hotel Tech show is the perfect opportunity to come and meet these innovative companies, and discover useful solutions for your restaurant or hotel establishment. You will be able to learn in a practical way how to improve your recruitment, thanks to digital tools designed specifically for the hotel and restaurant sector.

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