IoT / Hight Tech Products for hotels and restaurants


Connected products: tech for your facility

The category of connected products has been booming for several years for professionals, and this trend is logically benefiting the hospitality sector. Between gains in terms of ergonomics and functionality for the customer, and optimisation of profitability for the establishments, high-tech products offer a whole range of opportunities in the hotel and restaurant sector. Tech companies have developed innovative digital tools, in the form of services, applications and connected products, for a better customer experience.

Exhibitors specialising in IoT / Hight Tech Products

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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IoT & Hight Tech Products for hotels & restaurants

The Internet of Things (IoT) for RHCs

The field of high tech can benefit hotels via various existing innovations, particularly on the security and practical and functional side. This is the case, for example, with the solutions developed for connected locks, which have become indispensable in hotels, due to their many advantages. Available in the form of RFID or Bluetooth, these locks connected to the customer's smartphone are practical and easy to use, while guaranteeing optimal security. Other high-tech objects are particularly useful for restaurants and hotels, especially in terms of hygiene, such as self-cleaning handles that are automatically disinfected as soon as they are used, thanks to an innovative ring system. For restaurants, connected kitchen garden systems that can be built into the kitchen allow vegetables, edible flowers and herbs to be grown directly on site!

High-tech services for your customers

The benefits of tech for the hospitality industry are not limited to innovative objects, but also touch on innovative and practical services for your customers. These include self-service batteries, which allow customers to charge their smartphones in the blink of an eye with a simple QR code, in the form of kiosks in your establishment. When it comes to digital services, you should also count on the various innovations that replace the traditional room booklet, in digital form, to optimise the communication of information to the customer during their stay, including in a personalised way.

Renewing customer service with tech

This revolution in fluid and personalised customer communication is materialising in tools that offer tremendous opportunities for hotels, pagers. Companies are offering pager solutions specifically adapted to the hospitality sector, with the aim of improving the quality of customer service. Somewhere between a high-tech object and a digital service, these beepers can take several forms, such as a call button to discreetly call a member of staff, an alert for the hearing impaired in the event of an emergency, for example, but also tools for your staff, such as an alert system for toilet maintenance. In catering the beeper makes it easy to inform a customer when their order is ready.

Connected products for hotels and restaurants

Finally, the high-tech category includes a range of connected products that bring benefits to the customer and the establishment. For example, connected vending machines for the sale of prepared meals, which are connected directly to your kitchen and allow for easy order and stock management, as well as saving time for your customers ordering online. Also, connected fridges work the same way for all types of fresh products. Other connected products are interesting for your hotel in terms of savings, such as connected shower heads, which change colour according to the volume of water used. This innovative tool can save up to 40% of water for hotels.

To benefit from the many advantages offered by tech in your hotel or restaurant, come and meet the innovative companies at the Food Hotel Tech show. You will be able to discover connected objects and services at the cutting edge of technology, to gain profitability in your establishment, and increase the quality of your service.

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