Property Management Systems (PMS)


What PMS for the hotel industry?

The opportunities offered by the digitisation of the hospitality business affect many areas, and in particular the question of Property Management Systems. Indeed, by collecting and analysing large flows of data on a hotel, these management software packages offer the possibility of better steering an establishment, optimising teams and decision-making, and increasing profitability. Tech companies are now developing global solutions that cover communication as well as pricing and online reservations.

Exhibitors specialising in Property Management Systems (PMS)

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Property Management Systems

Innovative PMS for better strategies

The primary utility of the latest generation of facility management systems comes from their ability to instantly process a large stream of data, which can take into account data on customer bookings, scheduling and team management, stock and supply management, or communication strategies. The aim is to provide a crucial perspective for hotel managers and management to optimise decision-making and enable more relevant steering of operations and strategies. Depending on the PMS, several options are possible, between more specialized and specific software in certain areas, or global solutions integrating various functionalities.

Software to facilitate reservations and billing

One of the components of PMSs concerns the area of customer reservations, and the issue of billing, in connection with the accounting of an establishment. This software can integrate online reservation systems with or without payment solutions, which can optimise and increase sales and multiply sources of revenue, particularly through gift vouchers or easy-to-implement promotions. These online booking systems are combined with dashboards to measure performance in real time, and they offer both time savings, as well as increased bookings through tailored and innovative strategies.

Better organisation for your hotel

Another part of innovative PMS software is dedicated to optimising the operation of your establishment, apart from the issue of reservations. These solutions are designed to help professionals in their internal management, both in terms of team scheduling through automated software, but also in terms of supplier invoicing for example. They can integrate floor management options, which save time and reduce the possibility of errors. In addition, these innovative tools are usually easily accessible from a smartphone, to better manage the internal organisation of your hotel.

Optimised communication with PMS

By encompassing a whole range of functionalities, some of these digital solutions also touch on the issue of customer communication. By processing a large amount of data on customers, nights spent, occupancy rates or reservations, these tools can automate communication with customers in an innovative and adapted way. This can include automated pre-stay SMS messages to sell extras, for example, or personalised post-stay emails to maximise the collection of positive reviews. It's a simple and seamless way to drive upsells without wasting time, while providing a personalised, non-invasive communication experience for the customer.

Improve the profitability of your establishment

All of these digital devices are designed to save you precious time on daily hotel management tasks, and on more specific missions of additional sales or management of reservations or extras. But above all, it is an opportunity to boost your bookings and customer loyalty, via the development of a diversification of your direct sales, while boosting your profitability, automating as best as possible every part of your establishment's operation, based on efficient data processing.

To manage your establishment smoothly and efficiently, thanks to these innovative PMS, come and meet the tech companies specialising in the RHC sector at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition. You will find the solutions best suited to your business and your clientele, to increase your profitability and save time in daily management.

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