Digital Marketing & Communication Agencies
for Hotels and Restaurants


Food Hotel Tech, the exhibition for the hotel and restaurant industry, offers you the opportunity to discover the widest choice of solutions so that you can find the one most suited to your company's needs.

Hotel and restaurant owners, one of the key issues in your business is certainly digital marketing and communication. You have a high-performance establishment and top-notch services. But you need to let as many people as possible know about it. And that's not so easy. Communicating and carrying out marketing actions is a job! Would you like to meet communication experts who know your business and your needs? You'll find them at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition.

Exhibitors specialising in Digital Marketing & Communication

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Why a digital marketing and communication agency?

A hotel or restaurant can offer the best services, but if nobody knows about it, it is useless. That's a caricature of the situation, but the facts are there. Communicating, making yourself known, reaching out to your target audience to convert them into customers, is absolutely essential. Moreover, it allows for a significant increase in direct bookings for hotel rooms or restaurant tables.

Interact with your prospects through digital communication

Today's world is connected. Everything is done through digital communication. The majority of your future customers will discover you on the internet. You have to take this into account. This means, of course, having an attractive website. Beyond that, being present on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn has become essential. And to be seen, you need effective referencing and a relevant message.

Social networks allow you to make yourself known and to interact with your customers or future customers

Social platforms are among the most searched virtual places. This is where your customers will find you. But social networks also allow you to communicate easily with your customers or former customers. They give you feedback, which is also read by your prospects. A positive interaction that is highly customer-generating.

Entrust your campaigns and digital communication to a marketing agency

Any business, whatever its services, needs to showcase its products and gain maximum visibility. So does a restaurant or hotel owner. To achieve this, there are specific processes and proven techniques. SEO for example but not only. Digital marketing agencies have made it their specialty to build your message and your digital identity. By entrusting them with the task of promoting your establishment, you are guaranteed to get results.

Marketing and social networks

Interacting effectively with Internet users takes time and specific knowledge. Even a tweet must be designed with marketing in mind and cannot be improvised. That's why there are specialists in digital communication. They can improve your interactions on the web. The result? A better conversion of your prospects into customers and an immediate return on investment.

Combining quality interaction with easy booking

Do you feel like having a nice dinner tonight? He will look on the internet. If you are well placed in the search engines, you will be visible. If they find your menu and can easily make a reservation, they will click and come to you.
The Internet user is on the move and is looking for a hotel to stop at? He consults his smartphone or tablet. Once again, if you appear when they type in their request, they will easily find you and be able to book online.

Looking for an effective digital marketing campaign? At the Food Hotel Tech BOOTHs, you can meet and talk to industry professionals to find out which one you can work with effectively!

Next Paris edition on June 7-8, 2022