Image / Video / Dynamic Display
for hotel and restaurant


An innovative customer experience with image and video

The development of new video and image technologies is bringing tremendous opportunities to improve customer experience and service. Tech companies have developed various solutions to facilitate communication, for example via touch tablets or interactive kiosks, but also to offer a better quality of service in the room or in the restaurant via multimedia and high tech innovations. At a time when customer behaviour is changing, it is important to offer them the best of digital tools during their stay.

Exhibitors specialising in Image / Video / Dynamic Display

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Image / Video / Dynamic Display for hotels & restaurants

Effective community management for your institution

Before we get to the issue of connected devices and other high-tech objects, the field of image and video today understands the crucial notion of good communication. It is indeed fundamental for a hotel or a restaurant to ensure an appropriate digital presence, using the right tools, and of course the different formats available, namely image and video. Several companies have specialised in social media communication for hospitality professionals, to propose a relevant strategy according to the target audience, and develop an online identity specific to the sector. Communication agencies also offer the creation of original content, including videos for example, or visual identity, in addition to helping to animate social networks.

Innovation in room service

Innovative audio and video solutions then, of course, touch on the issue of the in-room guest experience for the hotel industry. There is no shortage of tools developed by start-ups in this field, whether it be a touch-sensitive tablet designed to replace the traditional welcome booklet, offering improved tourist information in particular, or solutions for connected services in the room. Software is used to promote the hotel's services on an in-house TV channel, for example, while Wi-Fi solutions ensure an optimal connection for all guests at the same time. In addition, there are services that offer a complete TV package, with unlimited movie platforms, including regular new releases and access to a wide range of films at all times.

Connected objects and terminals for your hotel

The field of high-tech also offers great opportunities for hoteliers, especially with the development of connected objects, both practical and aesthetic. These include, for example, mirrored screens that can be embedded in frames, which are appreciated by guests who are keen on technological innovations, but also connected minibars and electronic locks. Tech companies have also developed innovative tools to facilitate customer care, such as touchless interactive kiosks. These new systems make it possible to communicate and interact with the kiosk from a distance of 1.5 metres, with a simple tracking of the hand, to offer any type of information to the customer, and even to carry out check-in and check-out. These communication alternatives make maximum use of the potential of image or video to enhance the customer experience.

New customer experiences

All of these image and video innovations add value for the customer, who can enjoy a completely original experience and a high level of service. Other tools develop this aspect of state-of-the-art communication, with 3D solutions in the form of an avatar with Artificial Intelligence, designed to inform and assist customers during their stay, to give them a more than satisfactory experience. It is a way of guiding visitors in a fun and interactive way, via 3D image and video, which also helps boost sales and customer satisfaction in a hotel.

Come to the Food Hotel Tech show to experience all the benefits that these innovations in video and image offer for your restaurant or hotel. You will be able to meet the tech companies that are developing these solutions for your industry, to offer a better experience to your customers, and thus obtain maximum satisfaction.

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