HACCP for hotels and restaurants


Innovation for your HACCP approaches

The HACCP method, which aims to guarantee the perfect safety of food throughout the entire process of its transportation and processing, is a crucial issue for any establishment in the RHC sector. However, this system of monitoring possible anomalies and risks can be complex to implement effectively and smoothly. This is why innovative solutions are now being proposed to facilitate this management of sanitary risks, particularly biological risks, relieving professionals while offering maximum safety to customers.

Exhibitors specialising in HACCP

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HACCP for hotels and restaurants

Overall solutions for your establishment

Innovative companies in the hospitality industry are integrating HACCP into a broader framework as part of comprehensive solutions for managing your establishment. In addition to other tools for managing stocks or teams, for example, these software packages include sanitary control plans tailored to your needs. It is therefore easier and safer to master the concepts of health safety and hygiene in a simple and complete way, thanks to these solutions, which address all your problems. Because the analysis of potential hygiene risks can be optimised using the new digital tools and integrated into complete management platforms.

Management of the HAACP system made easier

As compliance with current health standards is a must for any professional, the use of these assistance tools makes it possible to ensure compliance with the various HAACP steps. There are applications that centralise all the procedures via a single interface, offering both significant time savings for teams every day and better monitoring for managers via an interface. These management tools also make it easy to generate the data requested by government departments in the event of an inspection. It is also possible to automate certain tasks related to HAACP via this type of innovative application for the restaurant industry.

Get a handle on the hygiene issue

In addition to these global measures integrating the HACCP issue, tech companies also offer more specific solutions, solely dedicated to these hygiene and HACCP issues. Tools are therefore now offered in the form of a pack for your restaurant, enabling you to meet your specific challenges, depending on the size and activity of your establishment. Your Sanitary Control Plan is then carried out in a simplified and totally safe way.

For a 100% secure cold chain

Other tools focus on specific aspects of the HAACP approach, such as the issue of the cold chain and procurement of sensitive products. For example, these are solutions in the form of a connected sensor that enables the cold chain to be automated and secured, whether for refrigerators, cold rooms or refrigerated display cabinets. This type of tool offers alerts via smartphone and SMS, for example, in the event of a malfunction, but also real-time monitoring of the temperature, accessible online. The security of your installation is thus ensured, for a subscription fee per sensor, with ease.

Innovations in cleanliness

The field of HAACP is of course also concerned with hygiene and the question of disinfecting an establishment, hotel or restaurant, all the more so in these times of health crisis. There are quite revolutionary tools to ensure optimal hygiene for a hotel for example, such as a self-cleaning and self-disinfecting handle, which guarantees perfect cleanliness of each door handle in a room. The control of cleaning teams is also part of the innovative solutions offered by some hotel management software.

To come and meet the tech companies that offer these innovative tools for your establishment, come to the Food Hotel Tech exhibition. You will be able to discover the most relevant solutions to pilot and manage your HAACP procedures, via software related to hygiene and cold chain control, but also by using global management platforms for an establishment.

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