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Optimised inventory management with digital

The field of inventory management is a must in the hospitality industry, providing significant savings when done optimally. Good supply management also saves time and makes the operation of an establishment more fluid. Tech companies have developed a range of innovative solutions to address this issue, for simplified and automated stock management, which also affects supplier orders, as well as optimising product costs, or reducing losses for restaurant and hotel owners.

Exhibitors specialising in Inventory Management

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Inventory management in hospitality

Digital-enabled inventory management for your facility

Using digital solutions for your establishment facilitates the overall day-to-day operation, and particularly in the area of stock management, which can be monitored in an extremely precise and optimised way. For example, there is software that is integrated with your cash register that allows for easy inventory tracking and management, for example by taking inventory from a smartphone or tablet. Supplier orders can be placed with just a few clicks, and alerts can be used to alert you to just-in-time stock, for example.

For better forecasting of activity and needs

The choice to use innovative inventory management solutions also results in real savings in terms of time and money. Some software programs guarantee a reduction in losses, in particular through predictive analysis systems, via algorithms that can predict peaks in activity, depending on the calendar or the weather. This type of solution will anticipate increases in activity in relation to your supplies, through automated stock management, and thus optimise the profitability of your restaurant or hotel. It is also possible to obtain real-time monitoring of certain key indicators, to improve the performance of your establishment.

Inventory management within global solutions

These innovative inventory management tools are also integrated into global and multiform solutions, which make it possible to take a step back from the day-to-day operation of the RMC. Software offers the possibility of managing supplies and inventories, supplier orders, but also calls for tender in a digitalized way, or even optimizing material costs. All of this software can be easily integrated into existing accounting systems or cash registers.

Gain profitability in your restaurant

While these solutions can save you time, by reducing the energy spent on administrative tasks, they are of course great tools for improving your profitability. By integrating dashboards, accurate planning, performance indicators and sales targets, inventory management software can help you make significant savings. By optimising procurement to suit your business and objectives, and by reducing waste, your business can quickly become more profitable. Some tech companies have also integrated software aimed at cost reduction, which includes an automated food waste measurement option, for example.

Innovations that go beyond simple inventory management

The area of inventory management is intertwined with other strategic elements for your restaurant, and solutions today go beyond ordering and procurement. For example, there are innovations that offer a built-in connected vegetable garden, allowing you to grow edible plants directly in your restaurant. In addition to a completely original and easy to control stock management, you offer a resolutely innovative customer experience.

Come and discover all these solutions offered by tech companies in terms of inventory management at the Food Hotel Tech show. You will be able to optimise the management of your supplies and supplier orders, and reduce your costs and losses, for increased productivity and profitability in your restaurant.

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