Training & E-learning for hospitality professionals


Innovating in Training for the Hospitality Industry

The development of digital in the hotel and restaurant industry is disrupting usual practices, both in the management of teams, as well as in the booking process or in the communication of establishments. It is therefore crucial today to master the various digital tools within a hotel or restaurant, to ensure that it remains at the forefront of new behaviours, and thus optimise its organisation and reservations. The training of managers and teams is thus one of the strategic points in this global revolution of the sector, and new practices make it possible to optimise traditional training by making it fun and more effective.

Exhibitors specialising in Training & E-learning

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Training & E-learning for the hospitality industry

Adapting your team to the changing business

Training your staff is one of the major challenges in the hotel and restaurant sector, which is marked by profound changes, mainly related to digital. The integration of new concepts by your team is a guarantee of success in your digital strategy, whether in the management of a good online communication, in the online service or in the organisation of schedules. Getting to grips with an online booking service, for example, or managing recruitment via dedicated applications, requires special training. It will therefore be necessary to ensure regular follow-up in the training of software or new strategic practices, and more broadly to the tools developed by the most innovative companies in the sector.

E-learning, or online training for the hospitality industry

Rather than thinking of a traditional training process, which involves certain disadvantages, in terms of cost and organisation, it is now essential to take the digital step in this area. E-learning offers a number of advantages for you and your staff, with specific online training courses designed specifically for the hotel and restaurant industry. Training becomes lifelong learning through relevant online modules, which offer organisational flexibility and real cost advantages. E-learning is not only reserved for the new digital practices of a hotel or restaurant, but is now aimed at any type of profession or skill that is needed in your establishment.

Include in your team training process

Training as it existed just a few years ago in the hotel and restaurant sector is gradually giving way to new ways of doing things, which are more immersive, fun, and collaborative. Specialised tech companies are now offering new tools, such as social learning, which allows your employees to share knowledge about their job and learn from each other. There are question-and-answer platforms that your teams can use to train themselves on an ongoing basis, while strengthening their cohesion and communicating easily. This innovation in training thus optimises learning and the integration of new practices, but also consolidates the team spirit within your establishment.

Microlearning, or the training of tomorrow for hotels and restaurants

The development of new online training tools also involves the concept of microlearning, which is perfectly suited to the hotel and restaurant sector, and for all types of business. This involves creating and offering your staff personalised learning content, which turns training into a fun and effective experience. Through the use of quizzes or interactive videos, this type of training can stimulate the performance of your teams, while personalising each content according to the job and the employee. This innovation thus consists of continuous skills development, seen very positively by your employees, while limiting constraints.

To discover these new training methods in your sector, come to the Food Hotel Tech exhibition. Digital companies specialising in these innovative practices will be able to guide you towards the new solutions available, whether it is a question of training your teams online using collaborative processes, or implementing E-learning tools for more effective learning.

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