E-Reputation solutions for hotels and restaurants


E-Reputation: a challenge for hospitality professionals

The issue of an establishment's reputation on the Internet, whether it is a restaurant or a hotel, has become a quite crucial and strategic issue. While negative reviews can be detrimental to traffic and bookings, good reviews, well selected and promoted, help to significantly increase turnover and reassure customers. Tech companies are multiplying innovative solutions to make it easier to obtain positive reviews and comments, for example via satisfaction surveys. These strategies help to enhance the E-reputation of a hotel and restaurant, and give it a positive image.

Exhibitors specialising in E-Reputation

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
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E-reputation in the hotel and restaurant industry

Collect and share reviews about your establishment

It's important for professionals in the Rooftop Dining industry to be able to have reviews and comments independently on their own site, rather than depending on other platforms. It is a way to control your E-reputation directly, to be able to value these reviews on your website or your social media, and to interact more easily with customers. Numerous tools are now available in the field to encourage customers to give their opinion on a service or provision, through innovative means, whether by email, SMS or quick satisfaction surveys on a tablet for example. Smiley rating systems also make it easier to collect feedback in a fun way.

Have a site adapted to control your E-reputation

The issue of collecting reviews is closely linked to the issue of how to make them visible. Tech companies have therefore specialised in creating websites or solutions adapted to facilitate the management of these reviews. For example, it is a question of knowing how to value comments or an average rating on your home page, both on a computer and on a smartphone, to instantly reassure the customer. Different webmarketing strategies can also be put in place to play on your E-reputation, for example when sharing on social networks, or emailing campaigns.

For good management of your E-reputation

The choice of the right way to collect reviews is important, but it must be approached in a more general way. It is indeed crucial to know how to disseminate these reviews on specialised platforms, how to centralise them, analyse them via filters, and also how to respond to them. Tools are proposed to manage your entire E-reputation by different criteria, and how to really take advantage of it. The analysis of the competition is part of the relevant data to analyse in terms of reviews and comments.

The innovation of positive reviews

It's not always easy for an establishment to find the right way to encourage customers to share their experience. That's why tech companies specialising in the hospitality industry have come up with innovative ways to stimulate customer interest and encourage them to express themselves in a positive and voluntary way. In addition to classic written reviews, it may be wise, depending on your activity, to use innovative ways of doing this, via simplified rating methods, pre-written reviews, or by offering short, fun satisfaction surveys in your establishment. Some solutions specialise, for example, in pre-stay and post-stay surveys, or in ratings via tablets.

The importance of good communication in E-reputation

To encourage positive reviews, in addition to offering a quality service, it is necessary to know how to use the right communication levers with customers. This includes innovative personalised concierge tools for hoteliers, who maintain a special relationship with the customer before and after the stay. Even for restaurant owners, it is important to be able to have data on customers in order to exchange information in an innovative way, for example via an application, and to maintain a positive link. This relationship built over time ensures more positive reviews, and guarantees to collect them much more easily.

If you too want to optimise your review collection and enhance your E-reputation on the Internet and social networks, come to the Food Hotel Tech exhibition, to discover the various solutions on offer. You will be able to benefit from an increase in your bookings through good online reputation management, and stand out from the crowd with innovative review collection solutions.

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