CRM & Customer Retention for hospitality professionals


CRM and customer loyalty: new innovative tools

One of the challenges of the hospitality sector concerns the possibility of building customer loyalty, both in the hotel and restaurant sectors, which requires optimal customer satisfaction, good capitalisation of positive reviews and online reputation, but also the use of suitable communication channels to make them come back to your establishment. Tech companies have developed a whole series of specific applications and solutions, which allow them to innovate in CRM, and to take better advantage of the new data flows obtained. The objective is to build a solid and effective strategy for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Exhibitors specialising in CRM & Customer Retention

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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CRM & Customer Loyalty for hospitality

Innovative CRM strategies for your industry

Innovative solutions have been developed by tech companies specialising in the RHC sector to take customer relations to the next level. Combining concierge and reception tools, these innovations take the form, for example, of multifunctional tablets in hotel rooms, offering a whole range of services. Some companies offer customers a personal space on their own application for the duration of their stay, making it possible to communicate with them before and after their stay. Communication with the customer is then multiform and personalised, via push notifications via an application for example. These different channels represent a revolution in the CRM of your establishment, allowing you to boost your additional sales during the stay, but also before the stay through targeted communication, and also after the stay, via relevant loyalty strategies.

Improve customer satisfaction in your establishment

Customer satisfaction has become a real science in recent years, and a field that cannot be ignored by any professional in the hospitality sector. There is no shortage of innovations in this area, with solutions that make it easy to gather as many positive opinions as possible about a restaurant or hotel experience, for example via short, fun satisfaction surveys on a tablet. These tools also make it possible to monitor and control customer satisfaction globally over time. Some companies have also developed solutions for customers to recommend a hotel to their friends and family. Customer satisfaction can thus be monitored precisely, adapting your strategy according to the results, in order to achieve an optimal retention rate.

Solutions for better retention

One of the goals of any CRM strategy is to achieve an increase in bookings via customer retention. By maintaining contact with the customer, after a meal or a stay, via innovative and adapted communication channels, certain tools make it possible to promote special offers and increase the rate of new reservations. Thanks to the mobile, tools can be used to create a lasting relationship between your establishment and the satisfied customer, in particular via relational and transactional loyalty programmes. These programmes integrate a whole range of services, which make it possible to increase visits or bookings, but also to boost your E-reputation via an increase in comments, or to put in place relevant web marketing strategies. This issue of customer loyalty is also intertwined with that of selling additional products and services before a new reservation for loyal customers, thanks to the activation of innovative communication tools. Other tools are specialised in the easy collection of reviews and comments, and in highlighting them to generate new sales or bookings.

Benefit from all the advantages of the most innovative CRM solutions, by discovering the tech companies present at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition. You will be able to discuss these new tools, allowing an increase in the number of reservations, but also an increase in your loyalty rate. You will finally be able to benefit from a new way of communicating with your customers, for optimal satisfaction and more positive reviews, crucial for your E-reputation.

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