Digital Conciergerie for hotels and restaurants


Digital concierge services for hotels

A strategic area for customer service and experience, but also in operational management and reservations, concierge services are undergoing a revolution thanks to digital tools. Tech companies specialising in the hotel industry are now developing innovative solutions that are overturning the traditional way of operating concierge services, by dematerialising services and communication with the customer. These new digital concierge services enable the renewal and strengthening of customer relations, boosting bookings and the reputation of an establishment. The e-concierge service is a great way to increase efficiency while facilitating the sale of services.

Exhibitors specialising in Conciergerie

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Concierge services in the hotel and restaurant industry

A digital concierge for a better customer experience

Transforming one's usual concierge services into a digital concierge offers a whole range of new possibilities, which make it easier to offer quality services to customers. These new solutions include multifunctional touchscreen tablets, available in the rooms, offering all the hotel's services in a practical and modern way. These tablets make it possible to personalise the digital customer experience, while at the same time offering classic services in a simplified way, such as ordering room service online or a massage at the spa, or making restaurant reservations. Digital concierge services also provide added value in terms of tourist information, with, for example, digitised welcome books, which provide innovative information about a city or region, suggesting activities to do, and allowing direct online booking.

A personalised concierge service for your customers

These innovations, which are revolutionising the concept of concierge services, allow you to go further in customer service, with true personalisation. These multifunctional tablets can offer specific services to the customer, with notifications in their name, or chat options with the reception, but also any type of more traditional service, such as changing bedding, all controlled by the customer from their room. Some companies offer a personalised smartphone application for the guest during their stay, which contains recommendations or the possibility of booking activities, for example. The guest then has a personal digital space on the smartphone, which transforms the concierge service into a real personalised daily assistance during the stay.

Provide additional services easily

These new tools not only provide a better customer experience, but also guarantee professionals significant added value in booking additional services. The offers of an establishment are enhanced on this type of digital media, with adapted and qualitative content, and make the customer want to visit. The presentation of tourist information will also facilitate the booking of activities offered by the hotel, while the simplicity of booking a table at the restaurant or an hour at the spa will engage the customer more directly. Solutions offering a personal space for the guest can also benefit from a strong increase in pre-stay upsells, through targeted communication from the moment of booking.

E-concierge to enhance your reputation and bookings

Innovative concierge models help to strengthen the customer relationship through better service, and therefore encourage positive feedback and reviews. Customer feedback is more numerous and helps to boost your E-reputation. It is a way to increase bookings from new customers, but also to increase loyalty, by maintaining this unique relationship created during a stay, thanks to these digital concierge systems. It is then easier to communicate with customers on different channels to offer them special offers for example, more personalised, and encourage them to book again.

To discover these offers specific to your sector, and thus take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new concierge models, go to the Food Hotel Tech show, and meet the companies that are innovating in the field. Between improved customer satisfaction, a privileged relationship, personalised and easy-to-book services, and a positive impact on loyalty, dematerialised concierge services are a must for hotel professionals.

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