Online Order for hotels and restaurants


The online ordering opportunity for hotels and restaurants

Online ordering represents a tremendous opportunity in today's restaurant business to increase your business, diversify customer journeys, and improve the overall experience, through smoother operations for the consumer. It can be a matter of ordering food by delivery or click and collect, as well as ordering online from your establishment with a smartphone or a digital menu on a tablet. In all cases, it is essential to equip yourself with the right digital tools, to benefit from these advantages in terms of order optimization, time saving and customer satisfaction.

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Online ordering & hospitality

Online ordering from a digital menu

Ordering online encompasses several types of ordering paths, all of which are dematerialised. This may involve firstly switching to a digitisation of the menu, then of the order taking, using various innovative tools. Tech companies offer solutions via applications or software to provide the digital menu on a tablet, for example, but also from the customer's smartphone, via QR code. This makes ordering simple and fun, drastically reducing waiting time and making it easier for the restaurant owner to centralise orders. These online ordering solutions also increase the average ticket, through automated additional sales processes, just like online shops. Also aimed at hoteliers, some tools offer a turnkey solution for payment via smartphone, which is very easy to install and specifically dedicated to the hospitality sector.

An application for taking orders from your restaurant

These innovative software developments for the hospitality industry also include the creation of an application for your restaurant, which includes several functions. In addition to digital menus or the possibility of making reservations easily, the application developed for your restaurant allows you to adjust your needs directly, with specific modules for taking orders for example. These solutions can be integrated with your cash register and allow convenient and fast online payment.

Innovative tools for delivery orders

Ordering online is of course also about distance selling, with takeaway or delivery food booming lately. Various start-ups have specialised in remote order management software for the catering industry, automating the entire process from online ordering to delivery notifications. Connected to your ticket printer, and linked to the main food delivery platforms, these solutions facilitate the management of delivery drivers and the various delivery channels. The tools include inventory management and real-time reporting. Other innovative tools simply offer to connect your establishment to a whole fleet of independent couriers in your geographical area, to autonomously manage your online orders and deliveries.

Easy click and collect for restaurant owners

The past few months have seen the forced emergence of click and collect for many restaurant owners, but this alternative also offers opportunities to grow your business. Companies are offering easy-to-use solutions, without any prior technical knowledge, to offer on your website for example, online order taking with click and collect in your establishment. Pre-orders can be accepted 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and this type of software is directly integrated into the cash register, making it easier to manage. Significant increases in turnover can be achieved through this type of online ordering.

To increase your business and offer improved customer satisfaction via these online ordering solutions, come and meet the innovative companies present at Food Hotel Tech. You will be able to benefit from a reduction in waiting time in restaurants through smartphone payments, but also from new customer paths thanks to online ordering for delivery dishes, or click and collect.

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