Chatbot for Hotels and Restaurants


The chatbot in hospitality, an indispensable assistant?

Artificial Intelligence has made so much progress that it has become commonplace to have a virtual interlocutor intervene, on telephone switchboards as well as on internet messaging. The virtual agent processes requests and responds to the caller with relevance. Seizing this digital revolution is a godsend for the hotel and restaurant industry! It allows an increased presence on the net, and a permanent availability, without mobilizing someone 24 hours a day.
Several Chatbots will be presented at the Food Hotel Tech show and we are sure you will be fascinated by them!

Exhibitors specialising in Chatbots

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Chatbots for the hospitality industry

A chatbot, what exactly is it?

For the past few years, they have been flourishing on the web, present on an increasing number of websites. They are these little dialogue boxes that offer immediate help and answer your questions, helping you to navigate the site better or facilitating the act of buying or booking.

Personalised, your contact person introduces himself or herself under the first name of Damien, Lisa, Paul or Nathalie. Behind this, there is an artificial intelligence. A program so sophisticated that it is able to process the request you make of it and provide an answer, in an elaborate and human language, both written and spoken.

A chatbot in hospitality, for a dynamic web presence

Installing a chatbot on your company website is like having a night watchman. It is always there to animate it and greet visitors. It makes your website immediately more attractive. And if the Internet user has any questions, he or she will be able to get an immediate answer, regardless of the time of day or night. The virtual agent is able to answer most of the common questions that can be asked. It will answer them fluently, cordially and in a humanised way. The result is a kind of human presence that is very pleasant during the virtual visit.

The chatbot, a sales agent with no time constraints

More and more of your customers will prefer visiting your website to making a phone call. It's in the air of time. Instantly available, your virtual sales agent will be there to take care of visitors. By making it easier for them to navigate the platform and by answering their questions, they will encourage purchases and reservations. He is a valuable collaborator who will be responsible for converting your prospects into customers! As a reinforcement of your physical teams, he supports them without replacing them.

Humanize your chatbot, give it an avatar!

A chatbot can take on various more or less elaborate forms. If you wish, you can give it an avatar. This playful, even more interactive configuration is sure to engage your visitors. Giving a human face to technology has an emotional impact and increases trust. The interaction between the Internet user and the artificial intelligence is facilitated.

Integrate Chatbot into your sales strategy

As you have understood, the chatbot is the essential complement to your internet communication strategy in hotels and restaurants. It is the additional asset that will allow interaction between you and your prospects. Its mission is not to replace you or to evict you. It complements you and relieves you of the countless identical questions that sometimes have to be answered a hundred times a day. It also makes your website easier to navigate.

Come and meet these innovative technologies at Food Hotel Tech. You will meet professionals who are passionate about digital tools, who will talk to you in detail about everything Artificial Intelligence can do and how best to adapt it precisely to your establishment!

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