New Generation Cash Register for Hotels and Restaurants


Innovative cash registers for your business

In recent years, the cash register system has adapted to digital developments to become a practical and advantageous tool. Saving time at the cash desk, with a reduction in waiting time for restaurant customers, these solutions also make it possible to increase the average ticket, manage accounting and stock. In view of the changes in consumer behaviour in the restaurant sector and the new expectations linked to digital technology, it is essential to adapt and take advantage of the new cash registers.

Exhibitors specialising in New Generation Cash Register

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Cash registers for hotels & restaurants

The innovative cash register for a smoother checkout process

The primary purpose of cash registers is to enable customer checkout in the restaurant industry, an area that has been enhanced by the latest technology. One of the problems is to reduce the waiting time at the cash desk, which is detrimental to the customer experience and to the productivity of employees. Tech companies have therefore developed cash register software that reduces this waiting time through smoother checkout, which can be used on a tablet or touchscreen cash register. This includes the possibility of paying electronically, for example via a smartphone.

A paperless cash register for your restaurant

More and more restaurant owners are choosing to use the new dematerialised solutions for their cash registers, as they offer several advantages. Working as a simple smartphone application, for example, and adapted to a tablet, they offer a practical side to their daily use. Light to carry around in tablet format, the dematerialised cash register simplifies operations and takes technology to a new level. These innovative tools often offer easy integration of online ordering, delivery or even click and collect.

Additional services for cash registers

The main advantages of these new cash registers, in the form of software in particular, are to be found in the possibility of managing a restaurant's activity more globally. This concerns stocks or accounting, which are updated progressively and automatically from the software, but also the question of dematerialised menus, for example, or online reservations. The cash register becomes a multi-purpose tool to save you precious time. These innovations also improve customer satisfaction and increase the average ticket when combined with additional services such as touch-screen terminals or smartphone ordering.

Cash registers designed for deliveries and take-away meals

The rapid development of takeaway and delivery food, via smartphone orders, has been accompanied by innovations with cash registers adapted to these new behaviours. By integrating the possibility of managing orders online, these software packages are compatible with the solutions of leading meal delivery companies, making it possible to simplify management and avoid manual errors. All orders placed online are centralised, for greater operational fluidity in your establishment.

A tool to better manage the activity

In general, these innovative cash register solutions offer a great opportunity to better manage your business. They allow you to automatically track stock and accounting data, as well as analyse online order and collection data, providing valuable statistics about your restaurant. It is an all-in-one connected tool, which offers the possibility to improve sales according to certain criteria, and to save time in daily management. The use of this customer data, as well as operational data, allows you to build innovative customer paths in line with their digital behaviour.

To take advantage of all the benefits offered by these new cash registers, come and discover the innovative solutions offered by tech companies specialising in the restaurant sector at our Food Hotel Tech exhibition. Improve customer satisfaction through faster and smoother checkouts, online and paperless ordering, and easily manage your business with the right software.

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