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Touch menus and kiosks for hotels and restaurants

Digitalisation in the hotel and restaurant industry is materialising in many forms, affecting all areas of your business. From the reservation process to HR management or staff planning, not to mention your communication strategy, technology offers significant productivity gains, as well as a very appreciable practicality. These innovations also concern customer service and in particular order taking, with the development of multiple solutions of interactive terminals or other dematerialised menus. In addition to their innovative aspect, these tools bring savings and a notable gain in performance, which makes them essential solutions today for the CHR.

Exhibitors specialising in Touch Menu / Touch Technology Terminal

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Touch Menu & Touch Technology Terminal for hospitality professionals

The age of touch and paperless for the restaurant and hotel industry

The disruptions experienced by the sector as a result of the health crisis have highlighted the need to accelerate the digital transformation of the RHC. Initiatives and innovations have thus become more widespread in recent months, with the almost automatic use of online menus, QR codes for taking orders, or click and collect for collecting dishes. Innovations that were initially underwhelming, these solutions actually bring multiple benefits to the sector, with reduced costs, a better carbon footprint, and an improved customer experience.

Opt for digitalized menus

Digitalized menus in the restaurant industry are booming right now, and several tech companies have specialized in the field. More than just a menu that is no longer printed on paper, these are innovative opportunities to improve your establishment's average bill. Offering better readability, these digitalized menus can be offered in the form of a tablet, but also kiosks or TV screens. They offer a smoother customer experience as they can be consulted directly on a smartphone via QR Code. Moreover, for professionals, these dematerialised menus are easy and quick to modify, and cost nothing to print!

Order-taking 2.0 for restaurateurs

Companies are taking innovation further in the field, offering order taking directly from these digital menus. Using tablets for restaurant ordering, start-ups are offering smart touch menus that will, like e-commerce sites, make suggestions for additional products. This is a real opportunity for restaurants and catering establishments to increase their average bill and to offer a quality service and experience for the customer. These solutions are most often integrated with a convenient and secure payment service, covering both take-away and delivery or on-site. Companies are offering payment directly from a kiosk, providing a complete solution for professionals.

Dematerialised payment for ROCs

The issue of payment is an equally well-developed area of tech, with innovations that are particularly practical for customers, and for restaurant owners. Thanks to these tools, it is now possible to pay for orders via smartphone or a dedicated application, but also to facilitate the issue of customer loyalty, using dematerialised loyalty cards. For professionals, these solutions are very simple to implement by integrating the cash register system. It is therefore possible to move from the digital menu to dematerialised order taking and then to smartphone payment, offering a real qualitative leap for restaurant owners.

The touch tablet for the hotel industry

The hotel sector is not left behind in terms of these innovations, with the emergence of complete digital solutions in particular. This involves replacing the traditional hotel room folder, containing important information, with a multifunctional touch tablet. This tool makes it possible to go much further in communicating information and offers to customers, with real added value in terms of local tourism and customer experience. The highlighting of certain products or offers also generates additional sales for the establishment.

To take the digital plunge in your establishment, and benefit from the advantages of dematerialised menus and digital order taking, come to the Food Hotel Tech exhibition. You will be able to meet tech companies that have developed a whole range of digital solutions linked to kiosks and touch tablets for the restaurant and hotel industry.

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