Digital Solutions for Wines and Spirits


As a major revenue generator in restaurants and hotels, the wine and spirits business needs to be treated as a separate business, to also benefit from the latest innovations in software or connected products. Whether it's solutions to ensure optimal preservation, perfect service or an innovative customer experience, various tools are being developed in this area today. Gain profitability and customer satisfaction with these digital solutions for wines and spirits.

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Digital Solutions for Wines and Spirits

Professional equipment for wines and spirits

The first strand of innovations related to the field of spirits and wines for CHR establishments concerns equipment. As the issue of preservation is paramount, specialised companies have developed state-of-the-art equipment for easy and optimal management of drinks. This equipment is designed to perfectly preserve opened bottles of wine and champagne, and includes, for example, glass frosting tools for cocktails and express bottle coolers. The equipment also covers the field of wine by the glass dispensers, with solutions adapted to catering professionals.

Connected solutions for perfect glass service

Some wine and spirits solutions are taking innovation a step further, with software connected to these pieces of equipment, including wine-by-the-glass dispensers. It is possible to control very precisely each wine stored so that it is kept at the right temperature, and then to serve it precisely. These are the latest generation devices that will adapt to each wine and its characteristics, especially in preservation and cooling. This type of connected tool guarantees precise and efficient service, and therefore better profitability of wine by the glass, as well as less waste and therefore potential savings.

Innovative tracking for RHC establishments

These types of digital solutions can be combined with data analysis to improve the day-to-day management of wine service or storage. In addition to offering premium wine sourcing and selection from producers, these connected systems offer the opportunity to gather relevant and useful information on wine orders, such as their seasonality. This allows the restaurant owner to offer forecasting tools, which are linked to automatic wine procurement and predictive maintenance. The wine is then automatically managed and controlled from the choice of producers, to the supply, to the conservation and service.

Global beverage management platforms

Other tools are being developed by tech companies in the field, with this multi-topic and global approach, in the form of interfaces designed to manage all of the beverages of an establishment. These solutions will thus encompass the whole aspect of orders and sales, as described above, but also the question of inventories or the wine list, representing a real digital sommelier for the restaurant or hotel and the clientele. The advantages of this type of global platform are in terms of time saving for the teams, particularly in terms of ordering and stock monitoring, but also in terms of profitability, with the right choices of wines and spirits, and a significant reduction in waste through relevant conservation techniques. These digital solutions thus offer real opportunities for any establishment serving wine, whether restaurants, bars, or hotels, with tools that are easy to use, and that save time and energy for your staff.

Enjoy the benefits of these innovative digital wine and spirits solutions for your hotel or restaurant at Food Hotel Tech. From cutting-edge professional equipment for preservation, to connected tools for serving wine by the glass, to global beverage management platforms, you can find the right innovations for your business.

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