Administration and Human Resources


Facilitating the work of Human Resources management with digital, a necessity!

Even more than elsewhere, human resources management is complicated in the hotel and restaurant industry. Both in terms of scheduling and salary processing, managing the diversity of employee profiles quickly becomes a waste of time. All of this can be simplified and made more fluid with the use of a few simple, adaptable and user-friendly applications. These solutions, designed specifically for the needs of restaurants and hotels, are to be discovered at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition.

Exhibitors specialising in Administration and Human Resources

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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HR innovations in the hotel and catering industry

HR issues in the hotel and restaurant industry

Every player in the profession knows how difficult it is to simply manage human resources in their establishment. Even when the structure is on a human scale, many different trades, skills and qualifications are used. Moreover, several types of contract are superimposed. The hotel industry, like the restaurant industry, uses permanent staff as well as seasonal and extra staff. There is therefore a need to change things.

Digitalising time management

Contracts are rarely full time. Time management is complicated. If you stick to paper and pencil, you are quickly lost. Having a time management application that allows real-time clocking in and out is an important simplification and a guarantee of greater efficiency.

Digitalising task management

Again, paper and pencil to tell staff what they have to do is no longer adequate. In addition, there are last-minute changes. In the hotel industry, having the receptionist run up and down the floors to announce that the cleaning sheet has changed is not practical. Providing employees with a tablet on which they can read an updated card in real time is a significant time saver.
The same is true in the catering industry. When an order is entered, it is entered for the duration of the customer interaction, reducing the risk of error to almost zero and allowing each staff member to know what they have to do. This also results in significant time optimisation.

Dematerialise payroll management

You may have already adapted to the digitisation of pay slips. But do you have the right software to make your life easier? If you are still using the paper and envelope system, you should really consider going digital! The time saved will be considerable and will be used elsewhere very quickly.

Digitalising your HR as much as possible for an efficient reorganisation

As you can see, tomorrow's company will be digitalized at every level, literally and figuratively! The latest innovators are able to provide applications that are as powerful as they are intuitive and simple.

Targeted and personalised digitalisation

Because each profession has its own specificities, it is necessary to provide digital solutions adapted to each one. This is why we have developed applications that respond to the real problems of your field: the hotel or restaurant industry.

Highly versatile and scalable solutions

You will discover offers that allow you to harmoniously reconcile in-premise and online payment in a fluid and efficient manner. You will be able to talk to the exhibitors in order to obtain a personalised offer adapted to your establishment. You will be surprised by everything that has been designed to make your life easier!

Food Hotel Tech, the exhibition for the hotel and restaurant industry, offers you the opportunity to discover the widest choice of solutions so that you can find the one most suited to your company's needs.

Next Paris edition on June 7-8, 2022