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Innovations dedicated to Customer Care

The issue of customer reception is central in the hotel sector, as it contributes to a good customer experience, which encourages loyalty and bookings, via positive comments. Like other areas of the hospitality industry, reception is now being revolutionised by digital innovations, which will improve the speed of check-in and security, as well as offering more services to the customer, particularly in relation to the discovery of tourist sites. Getting to grips with these digital solutions is an essential part of optimising customer reception in your establishment.

Exhibitors specialising in client reception

Meet them at Food Hotel Tech, the innovation exhibition dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry
June 7-8, 2022 • Paris Event Center


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Client reception & customer care

Innovating in reception and check-in

Customer care covers a number of different concepts, which relate to the experience of a customer within an establishment. The question of arrival, reception and check-in in hotels is therefore crucial in this respect, and must be given special attention. Innovation in customer reception involves the choice of certain digital technologies, which will provide a better level of service for the customer, with greater speed and fluidity in particular, but also for the professional, who will be able to benefit from time savings and better follow-up.

Automated and digitalized customer reception

For several years, various tech companies have been proposing an innovative reception area, particularly through automation. These solutions can be offered in the form of interactive kiosks, for example, allowing a smooth and pleasant check-in for the customer, as well as optimal security. Automated reception can also be offered in the form of an online check-in via smartphone, in particular via QR code, offering total autonomy for the customer and facilitating late arrivals, for example. Software can thus automate the entire reception process via several tools, linked to both room access control and the payment system.

Innovative and secure access to rooms

The second aspect of customer care is related to room access, which also benefits from practical and secure innovations for hotel professionals. The tech sector has developed innovative tools in access solutions, based on RFID and magnetic stripe technologies, as well as electronic chip cylinders. In addition to offering optimal security and simplified management for the professional, these solutions are practical for the customer, and contribute to a pleasant experience. There are also solutions in the form of QR codes, or smartphone lock opening, for a seamless digital experience from reception to room entry.

A digital welcome booklet for your hotel

The traditional welcome booklet in the room, which is part of this customer experience, is now gradually being replaced by comprehensive digital tools. Available on a tablet or on a smartphone simply via QR code, these new booklets contain all the information required for the customer's stay. This can be classic services such as the Wi-Fi code or restaurant opening times, but also more detailed information of great interest to the newcomer, such as tourist tips for example. It is a modern way of creating a desire to discover a city, a district or a region with qualitative digital content, which helps to improve the overall reception of a customer in hotel establishments.

Additional digital services for a better customer service

It is also important to look at the benefits of digital tools in the context of additional services, which are more easily promoted and used by customers than traditionally. Innovative companies are now offering multifunctional solutions on tablets that combine customer reception services with concierge services, making it possible to book a table, a massage at the spa or room service in a few clicks. Also, connected tools make it possible to better manage the issue of early check-in or upgrades in an automated manner.

Come to the Food Hotel Tech exhibition to meet these innovative companies and discover the solutions they offer in terms of customer reception. From kiosks and touch-screen tablets, to the dematerialisation of booklets and room check-in, to the easy management of late arrivals, you will be able to benefit from the best digital tools to save time and offer an optimised and qualitative customer service.

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