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Administration and Human Resources

Even more than elsewhere, human resources management is complicated in the hotel and restaurant industry. Both in terms of scheduling and salary processing, managing the diversity of employee profiles quickly becomes a waste of time. All of this can be simplified and made more fluid with the use of a few simple, adaptable and user-friendly applications. These solutions, designed specifically for the needs of restaurants and hotels, are to be discovered at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition.

Big Data & Personalisation

Using big data in a hotel or restaurant business has advantages on several levels. Firstly, it allows you to streamline, optimise and monitor your business activities at all times. Secondly, the fine analysis of your customers' behaviour allows you to use the findings to personalise your offers. There are currently tools that are as powerful as they are user-friendly, easy to interpret, easy to export to specialists and within everyone's reach. Come and meet their creators at Food Hotel Tech.

Business Intelligence

The transformation that the hotel and restaurant sector is undergoing in relation to digital technology is leading to a profound change in the way it manages its strategies and organisation. With the development and use of new software and innovative tools, particularly in the management of schedules and HR, in training or in customer follow-up, it is becoming essential to know how to make good use of this new data flow. The question of Business Intelligence, or the art of integrating and organising all this data to optimise the operation of your establishment, is becoming central today, and all the more so for independent hoteliers or restaurateurs.


Artificial Intelligence has made so much progress that it has become commonplace to have a virtual interlocutor intervene, on telephone switchboards as well as on internet messaging. The virtual agent processes requests and responds to the caller with relevance. Seizing this digital revolution is a godsend for the hotel and restaurant industry! It allows an increased presence on the net, and a permanent availability, without mobilizing someone 24 hours a day.
Several Chatbots will be presented at the Food Hotel Tech show and we are sure you will be fascinated by them!

Click & Collect

Takeaway has now become a true extension of the hotel and restaurant.
For you, restaurant or hotel owner, this new digital solution is unstoppable! Your customers are no longer just looking for a meal, but for an experience, which should be quick and easy and make their lives more pleasant! It's a new buying behaviour where everyone finds something to do.

Client Reception

The issue of customer reception is central in the hotel sector, as it contributes to a good customer experience, which encourages loyalty and bookings, via positive comments. Like other areas of the hospitality industry, reception is now being revolutionised by digital innovations, which will improve the speed of check-in and security, as well as offering more services to the customer, particularly in relation to the discovery of tourist sites. Getting to grips with these digital solutions is an essential part of optimising customer reception in your establishment.

Digital Conciergerie

A strategic area for customer service and experience, but also in operational management and reservations, concierge services are undergoing a revolution thanks to digital tools. Tech companies specialising in the hotel industry are now developing innovative solutions that are overturning the traditional way of operating concierge services, by dematerialising services and communication with the customer. These new digital concierge services enable the renewal and strengthening of customer relations, boosting bookings and the reputation of an establishment. The e-concierge service is a great way to increase efficiency while facilitating the sale of services.

CRM & Customer Retention

One of the challenges of the hospitality sector concerns the possibility of building customer loyalty, both in the hotel and restaurant sectors, which requires optimal customer satisfaction, good capitalisation of positive reviews and online reputation, but also the use of suitable communication channels to make them come back to your establishment. Tech companies have developed a whole series of specific applications and solutions, which allow them to innovate in CRM, and to take better advantage of the new data flows obtained. The objective is to build a solid and effective strategy for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Digital Marketing & Communication Agencies

Hotel and restaurant owners, one of the key issues in your business is certainly digital marketing and communication. You have a high-performance establishment and top-notch services. But you need to let as many people as possible know about it. And that's not so easy. Communicating and carrying out marketing actions is a job! Would you like to meet communication experts who know your business and your needs? You'll find them at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition.

Digital Solutions for Wines and Spirits

As a major revenue generator in restaurants and hotels, the wine and spirits business needs to be treated as a separate business, to also benefit from the latest innovations in software or connected products. Whether it's solutions to ensure optimal preservation, perfect service or an innovative customer experience, various tools are being developed in this area today. Gain profitability and customer satisfaction with these digital solutions for wines and spirits.


The issue of an establishment's reputation on the Internet, whether it is a restaurant or a hotel, has become a quite crucial and strategic issue. While negative reviews can be detrimental to traffic and bookings, good reviews, well selected and promoted, help to significantly increase turnover and reassure customers. Tech companies are multiplying innovative solutions to make it easier to obtain positive reviews and comments, for example via satisfaction surveys. These strategies help to enhance the E-reputation of a hotel and restaurant, and give it a positive image.


The HACCP method, which aims to guarantee the perfect safety of food throughout the entire process of its transportation and processing, is a crucial issue for any establishment in the RHC sector. However, this system of monitoring possible anomalies and risks can be complex to implement effectively and smoothly. This is why innovative solutions are now being proposed to facilitate this management of sanitary risks, particularly biological risks, relieving professionals while offering maximum safety to customers.

Image / Video / Dynamic Display

The development of new video and image technologies is bringing tremendous opportunities to improve customer experience and service. Tech companies have developed various solutions to facilitate communication, for example via touch tablets or interactive kiosks, but also to offer a better quality of service in the room or in the restaurant via multimedia and high tech innovations. At a time when customer behaviour is changing, it is important to offer them the best of digital tools during their stay.

Inventory Management

The field of inventory management is a must in the hospitality industry, providing significant savings when done optimally. Good supply management also saves time and makes the operation of an establishment more fluid. Tech companies have developed a range of innovative solutions to address this issue, for simplified and automated stock management, which also affects supplier orders, as well as optimising product costs, or reducing losses for restaurant and hotel owners.

IoT / Hight Tech Products

The category of connected products has been booming for several years for professionals, and this trend is logically benefiting the hospitality sector. Between gains in terms of ergonomics and functionality for the customer, and optimisation of profitability for the establishments, high-tech products offer a whole range of opportunities in the hotel and restaurant sector. Tech companies have developed innovative digital tools, in the form of services, applications and connected products, for a better customer experience.

Mobile App and Website Design

With the evolution of customer behaviour, both in the booking process, as well as in the search for information and comparison of offers, it is imperative for hotels and restaurants to have the best digital tools. It is now essential to have a professional and ergonomic online storefront that reflects the image of your establishment. It is equally important to offer convenient digital services for your potential customers, for ease of booking or requesting information, but also billing, via mobile applications and an optimised website.

New Generation Cash Register

In recent years, the cash register system has adapted to digital developments to become a practical and advantageous tool. Saving time at the cash desk, with a reduction in waiting time for restaurant customers, these solutions also make it possible to increase the average ticket, manage accounting and stock. In view of the changes in consumer behaviour in the restaurant sector and the new expectations linked to digital technology, it is essential to adapt and take advantage of the new cash registers.

Online Central Purchasing

The hotel and restaurant industry has never needed digital technology more. From management to promotion, digital technology has become a natural part of the way hotels and restaurants operate. No longer having to travel to physical locations, but having goods delivered is also becoming essential. Food, equipment and various consumables, the online purchasing centre responds to this problem. Come and meet the professionals of the sector at the Food Hotel Tech exhibition!

Online Order

Online ordering represents a tremendous opportunity in today's restaurant business to increase your business, diversify customer journeys, and improve the overall experience, through smoother operations for the consumer. It can be a matter of ordering food by delivery or click and collect, as well as ordering online from your establishment with a smartphone or a digital menu on a tablet. In all cases, it is essential to equip yourself with the right digital tools, to benefit from these advantages in terms of order optimisation, time saving and customer satisfaction.

Online Reservation

The potential offered by online bookings has been disrupting the traditional sales operation for hotels and restaurants for several years. Innovative tech companies have developed numerous digital solutions to automate this strategic aspect, but also to increase these reservations and additional sales through relevant methods and personalized communication systems. Between making reservations easier to manage, and using tools to boost your revenue, online reservation software is a great opportunity to gain profitability and grow your business easily.

Onsite and mobile WiFi / 4G / 5G

The increased development of wireless networking and connection solutions is essential in the face of rapidly changing customer behaviour in hotels and restaurants. Any type of establishment in the hospitality sector must now offer optimal connectivity solutions for the comfort of customers, and more broadly tools related to the multimedia domain and connected objects. Between Wi-Fi, video content or connected TV, equip your hotel or restaurant with the best technology for your customers.

New Payment Systems

Because the core of your business is a busy passion, you have little time. The financial aspect, crucial for your company, is a headache for you. What about payment methods? Experts have looked into this issue! And the result is innovations in the field of payment systems, innovative solutions for contactless payment, which is very much in demand today for the Covid-19 health protocol and which will make your life extremely simple, with the second effect of being able to significantly boost your sales!

Property Management Systems (PMS)

The opportunities offered by the digitisation of the hospitality business affect many areas, and in particular the question of Property Management Systems. Indeed, by collecting and analysing large flows of data on a hotel, these management software packages offer the possibility of better steering an establishment, optimising teams and decision-making, and increasing profitability. Tech companies are now developing global solutions that cover communication as well as pricing and online reservations.

Revenu Management

A key area in the management of an establishment, revenu management is nowadays facilitated by the development of numerous digital tools. The hotel industry can benefit from tools that allow it to optimise its annual revenue and occupancy rate according to room capacity and seasonality. Yield management applied to hospitality establishments requires excellent data analysis, to develop a suitable strategy, which is offered by the most innovative solutions on the market today.

Talent Acquisition

The specificities of the hotel and restaurant sector in terms of HR require adapted solutions. Indeed, restaurant and hotel owners are confronted with particular problems, such as significant staff turnover, occasional or seasonal labour needs, or a requirement in terms of service and availability. Innovative solutions are now available to these professionals, in order to offer them simpler, more adapted and faster recruitment processes. Digital thus represents a tremendous opportunity in terms of saving time and optimising recruitment for the hospitality industry.

Touch Menu / Touch Technology Terminal

Digitalisation in the hotel and restaurant industry is materialising in many forms, affecting all areas of your business. From the reservation process to HR management or staff planning, not to mention your communication strategy, technology offers significant productivity gains, as well as a very appreciable practicality. These innovations also concern customer service and in particular order taking, with the development of multiple solutions of interactive terminals or other dematerialised menus. In addition to their innovative aspect, these tools bring savings and a notable gain in performance, which makes them essential solutions today for the CHR.

Training & E-learning

The development of digital in the hotel and restaurant industry is disrupting usual practices, both in the management of teams, as well as in the booking process or in the communication of establishments. It is therefore crucial today to master the various digital tools within a hotel or restaurant, to ensure that it remains at the forefront of new behaviours, and thus optimise its organisation and reservations. The training of managers and teams is thus one of the strategic points in this global revolution of the sector, and new practices make it possible to optimise traditional training by making it fun and more effective.

Next Paris edition on March 14-15, 2023

Next Paris edition on March 14-15, 2023