A second edition So Successful !

A second edition
So Successful !

4.500+ Visitors (+12,5%)

140 exhibitors (+ 39%)

63 speakers

43 Start-Ups

2122 gifs & photos in the photobooth (^_^)


Many and delighted visitors !

55,8% from Hotel Industry

44,2% from Restaurant Industry

68,15% CEO & Purchasing Officers ( +4,85%)

8/10 say that FHT has responded to their expectations

96.4% plan to return to the next edition


In a relaxed atmosphere......


...as well as professional ! !

Food Hotel Tech is the ideal site for quality encounters and meetings for hotel and restaurant professionals seeking answers to the futures challenges.

Food Hotel Tech aims to meet 3 objectives

TARGET : How to improve the knowledge of its customers? Big Data, Social Networks and CRM

SELL : How to sell more, better and improve its margin? Digital, an opportunity and a threat

SATISFY : How to improve the customer experience? Mobility, point-of-sale and technology

Register in 3 clicks
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Register in 3 clicks
and receive your badge by email

Take advantage of all Digital opportunities and win challenges...

⦿ Mobile
⦿ Visibility on Social Networks
⦿ Client's experience during his / her stay
⦿ Fast Check In - Fast Check Out
⦿ Marketing


⦿ CRM and customer loyalty
⦿ Security
⦿ Payment systems
⦿ Reservation systems
⦿ Management and organizational systems