The products to discover on the trade show


From the day-to-day management of products and staff to the monitoring of its online reputation, tech and digital are everywhere and bring practical and effective solutions to professionals in the hospitality industry.
Discover a small overview of the variety of the offer that will be presented at Food Hotel Tech on March, 18th & 19th 2019.



Big data
Data management and analytical tool


Marketing and digital communication agencies
Social networks
Content management
Satisfaction measurement
Mobile applications

Management Tools

CRM and customer loyalty
Reservation system
Payment system
Hotel and restaurant management system
Property Management System (PMS)
Recruitment 2.0
Human resources
Administrative management
System back and front-office
Yield and revenue management
Fast check-in / check-out
Restaurant management software
Hotel management software

Technologie on the POS

Connected objects
Internet / Wi-Fi networks
Memory Cards
POS Software
Phone 2.0 / chargeur
Wine & cocktails / Tech Bar
Revenue and inventory management
Management of perishable products
Cash machines
Payment systems
POS digitizing
Digital customer reception
Touch Menu / Terminal
Video & Photographie
Sound & light


Software / Booking Platform
Digital Training
Delivery of meals
Online order


Data security
Security of persons (fire, access control)
Computer Hardware


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Why participate ?

Food Hotel Tech is a privileged space for meetings and exchanges aimed at helping HORECA professionals to decode, tame and finally take advantage of the impact of new technologies in their field
Food Hotel Tech has selected the major players in technological innovation in the Hospitality Industry and gives you the opportunity to meet them on their stands, through numerous conferences, round tables of experts and during our animations at the tradeshow (start-up contests ...)
Food Hotel Tech must enable you, not only to discover new technological solutions that will meet your daily needs as a hotel-restaurateur but also, more broadly, to increase your knowledge about the growing impact of new technologies in your business


During the Trade Show, you can:

⦿ Learn more about technological trends and the latest innovative solutions in your industry.
⦿ Optimize your technology investments - view product roadmaps, simplification strategies and upgrade opportunities to meet your needs.
⦿ See demonstrations and meet potential partners who can help you with your implementation.
⦿ Participate throughout these two days, in conferences and round tables animated by leaders of the web and the international hotel-restaurant field.
⦿ Learn best practices from early users of new products and services.
⦿ Expand and deepen your network.


Take advantage of all Digital opportunities and win challenges...

⦿ Mobile
⦿ Visibility on Social Networks
⦿ Client's experience during his / her stay
⦿ Fast Check In - Fast Check Out
⦿ Marketing


⦿ CRM and customer loyalty
⦿ Security
⦿ Payment systems
⦿ Reservation systems
⦿ Management and organizational systems